Everything You Need to Know About Bonding Tape


Bonding tapes are used to bond two surfaces together. Bonding tapes, or adhesive bonding, vary in thickness and can be applied as a single solution for joining two surfaces, or they can be used as a reinforcement to strengthen an existing bond.

What are bonding tape?

Bonding tapes consist of a carrier material (i.e., such as paper, plastic film, foam, or other material) that is coated with an adhesive and a release liner, depending on its use. Bonding tape is applied by removing the existing liner (if included), which frees the adhesive that can be placed on a surface for adhesion.

Why use bonding tape?

Due to its easy-application, quick dry-time, durability, lighter weight, and grip integrity, bonding tape has become a preferred alternative to using more classic bonding methods (i.e., such as fasteners, screws, and welds, among others).

Older bonding methods are prone to issues. Metal screws are heavy, can be placed incorrectly, can be stripped, can rust in wet environments and may leak at joining points. Fasteners can break and are usually visible. These and other older methods of bonding often involve a multi-step process which takes time, add weight, and can be aesthetically displeasing.

Bonding tape bonds instantly and distributes stress over the entire length of the joint; this not only decreases load and flexibility but also acts as a sealant to protect the joint from rust and other types of corrosion. Another advantage of bonding tape is that it can also be easily die-cut to fit any size, shape, and product profile to meet your manufacturing needs, without sacrificing its grip.

Channeled Resources offer many bonding tape solutions

We supply high-performance tapes, or BST-HPR, which provides very high-adhesion and extraordinary holding power. It can be used for a wide range of surfaces including plastics, paints, woods, metals, fabric, and glass. We also offer BST-HPR in custom thicknesses to help ensure the best hold and application for your particular manufacturing use.

Channeled Resources offers other types of bonding tape for your needs including unsupported adhesive tape (bonding tape with a release liner), double-coated or two-sided tapes, removable paper and double-sided tapes, repositionable white- and black-paper tapes (AT-8 and AT-9 respectively), as well as all-purpose and permanent tapes.

With the increase in demand for manufacturing goods to be lighter, stronger, and assembled more quickly, high-strength bonding tapes are ushering in a significant boost to the manufacturing industries.