Frost AT

Do you have an application that requires labels that can hold their own in cold temperatures? Channeled Resources now offers blank labels with an all-temperature adhesive. Frost AT can withstand the coldest environments and is perfect for your freezer-grade applications down to -60 with a minimum application temperature of -8. It also offers excellent adhesion to polyolefin and paper substrates. See all of the Frost AT Specifications here.

Die-Cut Blank Labels with PET Liner

Channeled Resources now offers die-cut blank labels with both paper and PET liners. If you’ve never considered PET liner now might be the time to consider it.

  • Efficiency: 25 – 30% more labels per roll equals fewer roll changes and less downtime
  • Excellent Release & Strength: PETs smooth surface guarantees excellent release every time which equals fewer jams, liner breaks, and release issues keeping you up and running
  • Sustainability: PET liners are more easily recycled than paper liners, and with more labels per shipment, your overall carbon footprint is improved!
  • Cost Savings: More labels per shipment equal reduced shipping costs and CRG  is passing the lower cost of PET liner vs. auto-apply paper liner on to our customers, which means you benefit from a premium product at a competitive price!
  • Ease of Transition: Most label applicators only require a simple recalibration to transition from paper to PET liner.

Our experts can help you decide if making the switch to PET liner is the right choice for your production. Let’s discuss what is best for you!