Release Liner Use

Industrial Release Liner Applications


Many people use release liners every day without thinking about where it comes from, its quality, its various uses, or ability to be customized.

The first thing you should know is that not all them are created equal. Many tear and rip, creating a frustrating end-sure experience. Additionally, liners can be bland, low-quality, and separate from their adhesive which proves challenging for its end-user. Let’s look at how release liners are used.

Release liners are used in many industries

The medical industry relies on them for band-aids and other medical uses. The shipping/freight industry uses release liners to adhere the end flaps of boxes together. The graphic design industry uses them for stickers, posters, and for other point-of-sale items. The industrial, construction, automotive, feminine hygiene, and mailing industries also rely on release liners for their products as well.

So, what are release liners?

They are a thin paper- or silicone-based sheet, or liner, that covers an adhesive (typically on a substrate) which can be removed for use at a later time. Without a quality liner, the adhesive would stick to itself, therefore preventing its application and render it useless.

Discover our line of release liners

Channeled Resources pride itself in its ability to offer quality release liners with various coatings, custom text, and short lead times. We allow customization to include brand names, printed instructions, or other text for end-product use. We also offer them in different colors, widths, lengths, and sizes to cater to the specific needs of your customers.

Channeled Resources has a diverse range of release liner products for both high-end technical applications and everyday use extending their experience to serve you better. Therefore we can match your company’s products to meet the needs of your unique target market.

We offer die-cutting, roll widths from 1/2″ to 80″, a full inventory of “price fighters,” custom coatings, one-color printing and more. We also supply a full-range of custom substrates, to cater to your needs, including super calendered kraft (SCK), clay coatings, polyester, low- and high-density polyethylene coatings, poly-coated liners, and others.

With over 40 years of specialty experience, Channeled Resources has the experts and knowledge to guide you in creating the best release liners for your customers.