Our founder, Calvin Frost, has long advocated for doing the right thing regarding the environment. In the late 1980’s CRG became the world leader in developing alternatives to landfills and incineration for non-recyclables within the pressure sensitive laminates and siliconized release liner spaces.

In 2018, the TLMI Sustainable Leadership Awards were officially named the TLMI Calvin Frost Environmental Leadership Awards, an eponymous tribute to one of the packaging industry’s most respected environmental and sustainability thought leaders. These awards are presented to companies in the packaging industry, recognizing all levels of sustainability efforts. They were nicknamed “The Frosties” and are now a highly regarded industry accolade.

Calvin regularly contributes to our friends at Label & Narrow Web Magazine with his column, Letters From The Earth. Here, you can enjoy past issues of his column. Please let us know if you have an excellent idea for a topic!


Change Is Here

Highlighting significant changes, including 3M’s commitment to phase out PFAs, BP North America’s acquisition of a renewable natural gas company, and promising developments in nuclear fusion energy production. This article emphasizes the importance of embracing change as a catalyst for progress and addresses various shifts shaping the world. Read the article.


Eradicating ‘miracles of science’

Read about two critical issues: the paper industry’s reluctance to invest in North American specialty paper manufacturing and the growing concern surrounding PFAS (perfluoroalkyl or polyfluoralkyl) chemicals. The article delves into the reasons behind these challenges, exploring the need for change and proactive solutions. Read the article.


Tackling Climate Cripplers

Dive into the pressing issues surrounding America’s journey towards achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, explore the interconnectedness of various environmental issues, from air pollution to plastic waste, and delve into the implications of emerging European legislation that taxes imports based on carbon emissions. Read the article.


A Tip for Landfills

Learn what landfills are, how they work, and the different kinds that exist. Then, dive into some of Calvin’s thoughts on how we collectively need to reduce the waste we create to ultimately make positive change. Read the article.


Waking Up to Climate Change

Join Calvin on a journey to dissect the meaning of “woke” and its connection to environmental consciousness while navigating the ever-evolving landscape of societal change and environmental responsibility. Read the article.