Release liner is one of those things that can be easily forgotten. Whether carrying a label, sticker, tape, or other item, the release liner is disposed of. As a by-product or waste item, it is important to consider what you will do with the release liner after it serves its purpose.


As a sustainability champion in the label and liner industries, what happens to release liner is always top of mind for Channeled Resources Group. While collectively, we have a long way to go regarding end-of-life solutions, there are facilities in the United States that can recycle PET and Paper Release Liners and other facilities where non-recyclable by-products are being used for waste-to-energy initiatives.


TLMI publishes updated maps of both PET and Paper Release Liner facilities and Non-Recyclable By-Product facilities on their website. As a proud TLMI member, we are happy to share these maps with you.


View a map of PET and Paper Release Liner Recycling Facilities here

View a map of Non-Recyclable By-Products here