How to choose the right splicing tape

How to Choose the Right Silicone Splicing Tape?


What are splicing tapes?

Splicing tapes are used to join two materials to increase the length or provide continuity of a substrate. Splicing tapes are produced in many configurations with varied types of adhesives depending on its use.

Which industries uses splicing tapes?

Splicing tapes are commonly used in the manufacturing industry (such as joining two PVC pipes), film (joining film stock), electrical (joining two wires) and the printing industry (joining two paper rolls for continuous web printing).

Our splicing tape line of products

Channeled Resources offers a variety of splicing tapes to fit your needs.

Our silicone splicing tapes, ST-1 and ST-2, provide high-performance splicing of silicone coated films, papers, and release coated surfaces.

ST-1 silicone splicing tapes are self-wound and are a perfect choice for use in most processing equipment due to its high bonding strength high-temperature integrity. ST-2 silicone splicing tapes are also self-wound, maintain their integrity in higher heat environments, and have a high-tack silicone adhesive which allows it to create a superior bond.

Channeled Resources has the perfect solution for your PVC splicing needs as well. The ST-3 splicing tape provides high-performance splicing, seaming, and sealing for printing substrates and it can conform to irregular surfaces. The ST-3 splicing tape is easily identifiable due to its red color, is self-wound, and includes a natural rubber adhesive.

If you are looking for a splicing tape that maintains its tack on porous surfaces and can withstand higher temperatures, the Atlas ST-4 and ST-5 transfer tapes could be your ideal solution. The ST-4 tape is double-coated and creates an exceptional bond due to its acrylic adhesive. The ST-4’s high adhesion strength fits a broad range of uses, and it is an excellent choice for printed and unprinted materials alike. The ST-5 is a natural choice for the printing industry as it provides instant grab with very high holding power. The ST-5 is used to splice a wide range of substrates, and its pink color is smartly detectable to monitor end-product efficacy.

Finally, Channeled Resources offers the ST-7 double-coated splicing tape which has been designed for both general purpose applications and the splicing of dissimilar materials, such as in the automotive industry. The ST-7 is non-woven and consists of an aggressive acrylic adhesive system which offers excellent shear capabilities and splicing for various substrates.

Channeled Resources has decades of experience to guide you in making the most cost-effective and appropriate solution for your splicing tape needs.