PET Liner – A Clear Alternative

In today’s marketplace, the availability of your standard raw materials can be uncertain.
In order to overcome these challenges, you need to be able to pivot quickly to alternatives to ensure continued production and customer satisfaction.

Paper materials continue to be impacted by drastically increased lead times and in some cases the inability to obtain specific materials at all.

If you’ve traditionally run your production using paper liners, now may be the time to consider PET alternatives.


The Benefits of PET Liners

  • PET offers higher throughput
      • PET liners are stronger than their paper counterparts
      • They can withstand more stress, moisture, and heat
      • They are less likely to tear, nic or burst under increased tension
      • This means you can run your lines at significantly faster speeds (up to 2x) without fear of web breaks
  • PET offers reduced downtime
      • PET liners are typically thinner than paper allowing for more feet per roll
      • This means you have fewer change-overs and more machine uptime
  • PET offers a cleaner production line
      • PET offers a dust-free production environment
      • This means you do not have to worry about adhesive contamination
  • PET offers sustainable benefits
    • PET liners are fully recyclable
    • Many PET liners are also made from recycled materials
    • More labels per roll reduces packaging materials and potentially reduces your  transportation footprint

Get your copy of CRG’s Benefits of PET Liners here.