Discover Our Capabilities at Channeled Resources

For over 25 years, we have had an industry-leading silicone coating operation in Canada. Now we are excited to bring a new state-of-the-art coating machine to our Illinois facility.

The new silicone coater at Channeled Resources is 65 inches wide machine and can print in-line.  It includes flotation ovens, re-moisturizer and anti-static, and inline slitting capabilities.

At Channeled Resources, we have extensively tested the capabilities of this new coater. Result? We have come to the conclusion that it can take your business to the next level.

Here are some of the benefits of the new coater:

✔ High production capacity

✔ Drying capabilities that are superior to our previous equipment

✔ Wider width, faster speeds compared to what we had in the past

✔ Inline backside printing capability

✔ Slitting on the wind-up directly off the coater saves time

✔ Especially designed to service the needs of our customers

On top of this, we’ll have a subsequent piece of equipment – a rewinder specifically designed to rewind two side silicone. 

The new two-sided rewinder delivers:

✔ Custom release coating

✔ 2” to 60” rolls

✔ Lead times of three weeks

✔ 5,000 lb minimum orders 

✔ Differential release

✔ ISO Certified by summer of 2020

With this, we can go off the coater to the rewind rolls within 20 yards of our coater for operational efficiency – which is difficult to achieve without sophisticated machine capability such as ours.

However, this is not it. 

We are also innovating in how we lower our costs and deliver high-value outputs to the business that partners with us. For example, our new label machine is helping us reduce the number of steps it takes to make labels from multiples to one.

This is not only helping us keep our costs down, but it’s also speeding up production. Our new label machine laminates silicone coats and adhesive coats. Best, it has a die cutter and a turret at the end that winds up the finish rolls. What this does is greatly reduce the number of steps – helping us deliver quality at a lower cost.

You might be wondering how it happens. Essentially, the new label machine takes the base paper and the face paper laminating together on the machine to make the finish rolls all in one step. 

For us, this is a huge competitive advantage.

Best of all, with our label machine, we are able to make a variety of label sizes to benefit a variety of customers – including customizations. This helps us service customer needs from all possible angles.

At Channel Resources, we are also helping companies by contracting to convert. What does this mean? This means that in our cleanroom, we do slit and rewind work for companies that don’t have the capability or the time to slit. 

We convert a lot of food-grade materials. This is possible because our cleanroom is HACCP certified. The temperature is controlled, the airflow is monitored, and overall we ensure that there are no contaminators that can get on the material.

We can slit master rolls that could be 5000 pounds and 60 inches wide and slit them into whatever size our customers want.

Again, this is possible with our heavy investments in world-class machinery that are fast and run 2000 feet a minute – making beautiful rolls of paper.

We are proud about how far we have come and that we are helping make recycling cooler – one print at a time.