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Bonding Solution Tapes for the Sign Manufacturing Industry

An alternative to mechanical and structural adhesive fastening

So what are bonding solution tapes? Bonding solution tapes are used to bond two materials together. The benefit of bonding solution tape is that it offers instant bonding and is a quality alternative to mechanical and structural adhesive fastening.

The thickness of the adhesive allows bonding solution tapes to conform and compress on to most oil free and dry surfaces. It also helps increase productivity and reduce costs.

Our BST-HPR bonding tape is a high-performance tape that uses a powerful rubber-based adhesive. The tape exhibits very high ultimate adhesion, has high bonding power, good initial tack, and exceptional holding power. It also provides excellent grab to a wide range of surfaces including “Low Surface Energy” surfaces, plastics, paints, bare metal, wood, fabric, and glass. Custom thicknesses, other than the standard ones listed below, are available upon request.

Description Size Rolls/Case
BST-HPR45 40 mil   1” x 25yds (24mmx22M) 12
BST-HPR25 25 mil 1 ” x 36yds (24mmx32M) 32


Unsupported Adhesive Tape

We also supply unsupported adhesive that is self-wound on a release liner. These can be applied directly to a substrate as a means of bonding, or they can be laminated to another material to make it pressure sensitive for application and bonding. Available up to 6” wide! Thicknesses other than those listed below are available upon request.

We have : 1 ”x 36yds (24mmx32M); Rubber Adhesive; 3 mils; 5 mils; 10 mils; and 15 mils.

Double Coated (2 sides coated) Tapes 
We manufacture all-purpose double coated tapes for a variety of general-purpose bonding, which are thicker than the average commercial double coated tapes.

  • HPR10 is a banner hem-seaming tape.
  • GPR6 is an economical high tack all-purpose rubber adhesive tape in 6 mils. 
  • HPR2-6 is a 6 mil thick premium rubber adhesive tape.
  • VHTR7 is a 7 mil very high tack product for use on hard to stick to surfaces.
  • SPR7 is a 7 mil semi-permanent product for short term bonding.

Our 1” x 36 yard (24mmx65M) size tape comes in 32 rolls per case.

All Purpose, Removable/Permanent Double Sided Tape

REM/Perm is a double coated tape with a removable acrylic adhesive o one side and a permanent adhesive on the other. It is used for a variety of general purpose bonding where one side needs to be removed sometime after the initial application.

Our REMA/HPR Acrylic/Rubber comes in a size of 1” x 36 yards (24mmx32M) at 32 rolls a case.

Linerless Double Coated Tape

BST-REMR/A-LL is a liner-less, self-wound tape consisting of semi-perm and removable pressure sensitive adhesives. It has good finger tack and moderate adhesion. The tape can be repositioned and removed even after it is applied on metal or glass surfaces. The bond to paper type surfaces is permanent. Uses include temporary mounting.

Our BST-REMR/ A-LL comes in a size of 1” x 36 yards (36mm) at 32 rolls a case.

AT-7 High Tack Flat Back Paper Tape

AT-7 is a self-wound, high-tack flatback paper tape. The tape is repositionable and has the unique ability to adhere and cleanly remove from a variety of smooth surfaces such as films, plastic, metal, glass, and some painted surfaces. It is printable and can be written on with pens and markers. The tape is available in white, blue, red, yellow, green, and orange.

Our AT-7 Paper Tape comes in a size of 1” x 180 ft. at 36 rolls a case.


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