Pressure Sensitive Labels

The 4 Advantages of Using Pressure Sensitive Labels


The rise of Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL)

Pressure sensitive labels have quickly become the new standard for product labeling. Why? Because PSLs are self-adhesive, versatile, and have a high-impact appeal. Additionally, PSLs can be printed on flexible and clear label stock allowing your products to be squeezed and be seen without ruining your branding.

PSLs account for approximately 55% of the product labeling market today.

PSL is convenient to use

One reason for its abundant use is that of PSLs easy application and label integrity (PSLs can withstand multiple hot, cold, wet, and dry environments). PSLs don’t require any solvent or heat for adhesion which means they can be used on more products. Different adhesives can also be used during the manufacturing of PSLs to allow the label to be removed or remain permanent, depending on the use of your product.

The versatility of PSLs is one of the main advantages of using a PSL label. Channeled Resources has the largest inventory of label stock in the world and offers many types of PSL substrates to allow you to customize your product. They offer both A- and B-grade stock to cater to your price point and as well as specialty stock such as metallic, reflective, and other custom films.

It is no wonder why such well-known companies such as Nestle, Purina, and Heinz favor pressure-sensitive labels. PSLs are an excellent choice for customizing your brand, they offer they most flexibility, and are highly durable. In fact, many industries have discovered the advantages of using PSLs on their products including the food and beverage industry, wine and spirits, pet food,  and household cleaning products among many others.

Upgrade you labelling strategy with PSL

Channeled Resources also offers variable information printing. Variable information printing comes in handy when labels need multiple sets of information to be utilized, such as barcodes. Additionally Channeled Resources offer variable information stock which allows for your labels to be printed on multiple types of stock such as on uncoated/coated thermal, uncoated lithograph, or laser/inkjet.

To say, “There are many advantages of utilizing Channeled Resources as your pressure-sensitive label partner,” would be an understatement. In addition to their 40 years of experience, hands-on customer service, and ability to produce small-run orders, they also have less than a 2% reject rate per year. Channeled Resources has gained its reputation by being intentional about providing service that exceeds your expectations and by pairing their decades of experience with cost-effective, custom-designed solutions that work.