Making the World a Cleaner, Greener Place

Channeled Resources has built its business on “making the world a cleaner, greener place”. That’s our motto and that’s our mission. We provide alternatives to landfilling and the incineration of by-products generated by manufacturers of coated, treated, and laminated papers and films.

The business started in the mid 70’s and evolved from traditional recycling to non- traditional recycling. Our supply relationships wanted help and our customers wanted product. Today, the MaraTech facility in mid Wisconsin is regarded as a world class processing facility with state of the art equipment and a trained and versatile workforce. As we have matured our supply relationships have required more and more sophisticated solutions for very complex substrates. One begats the other. In other words our suppliers have required innovation.

We are L.I.F.E. certified which demands, like ISO 14001, ongoing measurement and improvement on an annualized basis. A good example is our record of landfill avoidance. In 2012 we diverted 97.99% of by-products from the landfill. Since we generate approximately 700 tons of by-products per month this represents a substantial quantity. We also replaced 25 of our printers and copiers with new energy efficient machines. Finally, in 2012 we started a “core reuse” program. In one month we were able to reuse 910 cores. Since most of our incoming material is “roll to roll” this is a substantial figure.

Just recently we introduced a new processing facility in Indianapolis. This change has resulted in a reduction of CO2 emissions by an average of 83,000 pounds per month.

The bottom line with “going green” is cost savings. If you make the commitment, if your team makes the commitment, the result can be convincingly measured in dollars.

Channeled leads by example!