Our Services

Recycling Solutions

Channeled Resources Group provides full service paper and plastics recycling. Our Recycling Solutions division works nationwide to solve corporations hard to solve recycling issues, focusing on coated, treated, and laminated papers and films.

Landfill Avoidance

Channeled Resources Group aids companies to become more sustainable. CRG provides programs to identify markets for reuse, recycling or waste to energy that provide solutions and value for all parties.

Obsolete & Odd Lot Products, Including Adhesives, PSA, Release Liners and More

Channeled Resources Group buys oddlot, used, and obsolete inventory from silicone, tape and label manufacturers, as well as their suppliers and customers. CRG’s niche is specialty papers and films, and expanding every day! learn more.

Contract Converting

Channeled Resources Group has state of the art converting equipment, including a food grade clean room. CRG’s niche includes fast lead times, large or small volume, food grade, narrow width and custom packaging

Global Resource Recovery

Channeled Resources Group’s global team is responsible for sourcing and marketing obsolete and oddlot products throughout the world. They are experts at finding non-recyclable papers, films, and adhesives and locating outlets that can utilize them.