Music, Nature and Measurement

Music has always been a priority in my life. I think that led me to harmonizing with nature and, eventually, as my career became more defined, a love of preserving the environment in any way possible. As history would have it, I entered the recycling industry in 1969, and the next 10 years, during a series of moves and employment changes, went from traditional recycling to focusing on the development of alternatives to landfilling “non-recyclables,” which I define as coated, treated, and laminated papers and films. Today my entire focus is the development of environmental solutions for those same substrates. It’s my world. I read, breathe, and eat anything and everything that has to do with offering solutions for the by-product that is generated in the supply chain of these materials. Of course, the end product for all is packaging.

I suppose this is a preamble to the columns that you will read from me in 2013. They will focus on solutions and problems that we all encounter, whether they are environmental or economic.

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