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Industrial Tape Suppliers: Atlas Adhesive Tape Corp offers a range of specialty adhesive tapes that can be custom-designed for your particular needs. Our services and unique capabilities provide our valued customers with tapes that span a wide range of industrial applications. Get to know our offerings below.

Bonding Tape

Bonding tapes are used to join two surfaces together and are comprised of a carrier material that is coated with an adhesive as well as a release liner. It can be applied to a single surface to bond two surfaces and can also be used to reinforce an existing bond.

Bonding tape can be used as an alternative to traditional bonding methods including metal screws, welds, and fasteners. Due to the easy application process, the quick dry time, and the strength, bonding tape has quickly become a favored alternative to the aforementioned bonding methods.

Our bonding tape bonds instantly and evenly distribute stress over the length of the joint providing you with a durable, long lasting bond.

Book Repair Tape

Our book repair tape is designed to re-hinge book covers, book spines, reinforce pamphlets, and repair covers. It is made with a special non-oozing, a clear adhesive that sticks permanently and is easy to apply. The adhesive also makes it easy to tear and reposition, and it is very long lasting. Don’t worry about this tape drying out!

Double Coated Tape

The double coated tape is a pressure sensitive tape that is used to bond two surfaces together, similarly to bonding tape. The difference between double coated tape and bonding tape, however, is the strength.

Double coated tapes can be produced in several types of materials including, but not limited to paper, foam, and cloth. The double coated tape is used in a number of different industries including hospitals, the automotive industry, and in electronics.

Before applying double coated tape, it is necessary to make sure that neither surface has oil or dirt, which could potentially affect the adhesive quality.

Our all-purpose double coated tape can be used for a variety of general purposes and is thicker than average double coated tapes on the market.

Gaffer’s Tape

Gaffer’s tape goes by many names, including gaff tape, camera tape, and spike tape, and is a heavy, pressure-sensitive tape made out of cotton cloth. It is often used by theatre techs, sound engineers, and videographers to cover cable wires. Our Gaffer’s tape is coated with vinyl on one side, is more resistant to heat than other types of tapes, and removes easily without damaging the material to which it adheres.

Gaffers tape comes in a variety of colors, and its matte-like surface prevents the tape from reflecting light, allowing it to blend in with surfaces.

Single Coated and Removable Tape

Our single coated and removable tapes serve a wide variety of uses and can be made with removable, medium-tack, and permanent high-tack adhesives. This selection of tapes includes Polyethylene Film Tape PT-1, Artist Tape AT-1, and AT-8 Medium Flat Back Paper.

The Polyethylene Film Tape PT-1 is a clear tape that is self-wound and is used for both masking and surface protection. It can adhere to metal, painted metal, plastics, can be repositioned, and cleanly removed after application.

Our Artist Tape AT-1 is another self-wound tape that features an ultra-removable acid-free adhesive on white Kraft paper. This particular tape has the unique ability to be easily removed from surfaces such as paper, films, metal, glass, and more. It can be written on and is also printable.

The AT-8 Medium Flat Back Paper tape is a self-wound medium-tack tape that features a rubber adhesive that is coated on a saturated white Kraft paper that is 4 millimeters thick. This tape can also be easily removed from surfaces such as paper, film, metal, glass, and more.

Specialty Use Tape Supplier

Our specialty use tapes run the gamut from scrim tapes, specialty double coated tapes, flat back tapes, masking tapes, and printed packaging tapes. Our scrim tapes can be used for laminating to other materials including rubber, cloth, and foam. Our specialty double-coated tape is “easy tear,” and features an instant tack adhesive, which can be torn by hand.

Industrial Splicing Tape

Lastly, we offer a complete selection of splicing tapes, which can be used to splice uncoated and coated papers, films, label stock, printed material, and pouches. Our ST-1 and ST-2 silicone splicing tapes are self-wound and made from both 1 and 2 millimeters pigmented polyester film. They feature resistance to high temperatures and provide a secure bond that holds up through most processing equipment.

Our ST-7 double coated tissue is a non-woven, double coated, high-performance splicing tape that has an aggressive solvent acrylic adhesive system with a tissue carrier. This tape has the feature of excellent shear properties for splicing a variety of substrates.