Channeled Resources Purchases Silicone Coater from SAM North America

Channeled Resources Group (CRG) has purchased a SAM North America Silicone Coater for its plant in Marathon City, Wisconsin.  

The 70″ wide silicone coater will be capable of running at 1500 feet per minute (FPM).  It will be focused on coating paper release liners of  25 to 80 lbs – including SCK, glassine, clay coated and polycoated papers. According to Cindy White, President and CEO, “Channeled Resources purchased a new 65″ silicone coater in 2019. With the increased demand in the marketplace, that machine is closing in at capacity now. We need to add additional equipment, with a few bells and whistles to improve efficiencies, which will allow us to continue to grow our release liner business. Our customers are growing and we are growing with them.” 

Don Teich, Vice President Sales, for SAM North America adds, “We’re thrilled to support Channeled Resources Group with the addition of this new coater. Our high-tech silicone coater will provide them with the expanded capacity that they need now and into the future.”

The silicone coater will be installed in the second quarter of 2023.