Waste to Energy

Sustainable Solutions

Channeled Resources Group focuses on creating sustainable alternatives for non-reusable, non-recyclable bi-product of coated, treated, and laminated paper and film manufacturers. Channeled Resources has multiple outlets for non-reusable material. We have partnered with strategically located Waste to Energy facilities that are capable of converting matrix waste, other non-recyclables or confidential destruction materials, into combustible fuel. This fuel is used to reduce or replace coal used in industrial boilers, curbing global greenhouse gas emissions. This fuel is comparable to coal in heat output but burns far cleaner. Channeled Resources Group works with these waste to energy facilities to ensure that our waste, and that of our suppliers, does not end up in the landfill.

CRG also works with building product manufacturers that can use similar non-reusable, non-recyclable bi-product in the manufacture of sustainable building products. These programs align with our vision to help make the world a cleaner, greener place to live.

CRG conducts site visits to all outlets for non-recyclable bi-product to ensure that they are environmentally safe alternatives to landfills.