Release Liner Recycling Solutions

All paper and film release liners are reusable and/or recyclable. Let Channeled Resources help you and your customers become landfill free.

Why should my company participate?

Liner recycling provides your company with an environmentally responsible, sustainable solution to liner waste, while reducing landfill or incineration costs.

How does the program work?

The Generator must collect spent liner in either gaylords, on pallets, or baled after label application. Material will be picked up by a local recycler or Channeled Resources Group depending upon quantity.

What materials are accepted?

  Pallets Gaylords Bales
Paper bleached/natural rolls, on cores bleached, non-polycoated
no cores
bleached, non-polycoated,
no cores
Film * rolls on cores rolls on cores / rolls with no cores film only
Metalized PET rolls on cores rolls on cores  

Quality Requirements

Paper and films must be segregated with no adhesive contamination or contraries such as labels, tapes, and trash.

Packaging Requirements

Packages must be secured with shrink wrap or banding and must weigh a minimum of 800 pounds. Rolls are accepted with or without inner core. Bales and boxes are accepted without cores only.


Shipper is responsible for the cost of freight to the service center for any less than truckload quantities.


Call the experts, the Channeled Resources liner recycling team, at 1-800-633-0389 or email Jim Loos at or Francesca Pellegrino at