Bonding Tape

Atlas Adhesive Tape Bonding Solutions Tapes are manufactured as unsupported adhesive films, 2 – 10 mils thick and as reinforced adhesive films, 5 – 40 mils thick. Acrylic and Rubber adhesive chemistries are available, in a wide range of performance properties.

Bonding Solution Tapes are used to bond 2 materials together. These products offer an instant bonding alternative to mechanical and structural adhesive fastening, that increase productivity and reduce cost. The thickness of the adhesive will allow them to conform and compress onto most oil free and dry surfaces. Such as metal, painted surfaces, glass, plastics, and other materials found in industrial applications.

BST-5100 is a double sided high bond acrylic foam tape with a red film liner. The tape is used for bonding in many interior and exterior industrial applications. The tape has outstanding viscoelastic properties, high adhesion properties and holding power. It has excellent holding power at elevated temperature and UV resistance. It can replace mechanical fastening and includes usage in the following applications: Signage, Display, Transportation Vehicles, Fastening, Hinging, Handles, Mirror Mounts, Framing, Windows, Mutton Bars, Shower Enclosures, Translucent Signage, Display, and Visual Communication.

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Book Repair Tape

Atlas Adhesive Tape manufactures it world renown Book repair tape GT-6. Made with a special non-oozing clear adhesive, it is easy to apply, tear, reposition, and sticks permanently . The strong adhesive is long lasting, does not ooze and does not dry out over time.

Book Repair Tape Info Sheet

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Double-coated tape

All Purpose, Double Sided Tape: Atlas Tapes for sign industry

We manufacture ALL PURPOSE double coated tapes for a variety of general purpose bonding that are thicker than the average commercial double coated tapes.

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Gaffers tape

Gaffers Tape is a self wound tape made from a vinyl coated cloth coated on the reverse side with a pressure sensitive adhesive. It is used by videographers, sound engineers and musicians to temporarily cover and protect cables and wires. The dull finish of the tape prevents glare or interference with lighting and video image. It removes cleanly after use.

Gaffers Tape Info Sheet

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Single-coated and removable tape

Atlas Adhesive Tape has the technology to manufacturer a wide variety of special use paper and film, single coated tapes. These tapes can be made with removable, medium tack and permanent high tack adhesives.

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Specialty Use Tape

Atlas Adhesive Tape offers a complete selection of specialty tapes for a variety of applications. This includes scrim tapes, carpet tapes, specialty double coated tapes, flat back tapes, masking tapes and printed packaging tapes.

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Splicing tape

Atlas Adhesive Tape offers a complete selection of tapes for splicing uncoated and coated papers, films, label stock, printed material and pouches.

Splicing Tape Price List

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