Providing Solutions Since 1978

Channeled Resources Group was started by Calvin Frost in 1978. Originally the company purchased and processed paper fibers for the paper industry. By 1985 CRG’s focus shifted to processing non-recyclables — coated, treated, and/or laminated papers and films.

By the late 80’s, Channeled Resources had become the world leader in developing alternatives to landfills and incineration for non-recyclables with specific focus on pressure sensitive adhesive laminates and silicone coated release liners.

Today, Channeled Resources has six divisions: Global Solutions; Waste to Energy; Recycling; Contract Converting; Pressure Sensitive Roll Label Stock; and Release Liners. In 2010 CRG purchased GMC, a silicone coating manufacturer that specializes in paper release liners. GMC has added a new dynamic to the company. It focuses on first quality, custom coated release liners for the medical, envelope, tapes, and adhesive and sealant markets.

Channeled Resources provides solutions for both manufacturers and consumers of coated, treated, and laminated papers and films. We understand that companies need creative ideas and cost savings at both ends of the supply chain. It is our mission to channel cost effective and environmentally responsible solutions to our global customers and suppliers.

Channeled Resources travels the world to review and then tailor comprehensive waste solutions to solve clients’ end product issues and to provide a variety of ways to recycle and create valuable, reusable resources.

We are a trusted partner of manufacturers offering market integrity, adherence to restrictions and standards, and confidential destruction. Channeled Resources has built a solid reputation of delivering quality merchandise in an environmentally conscientious manner – reusing materials whenever possible or otherwise recycling and pelletizing materials that can be consumed as an energy source.

With offices all over the world, we can handle large shipping volumes and meet international packaging and documentation standards. Our MaraTech brand denotes quality controlled B-grade product while protecting market integrity and GMC symbolizes high quality custom coated A-grade release liners.





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