Our People

Marketing, Finance and Administration

Calvin Frost, Chairman — cfrost@channeledresources.com
Cindy White, President/CEO — cwhite@channeledresources.com
Rich Hoffman, Vice President — rhoffman@channeledresources.com
Joe Nowak, VP of Operations — jnowak@channeledresources.com
Ray Ivaska, Plant Manager — rivaska@channeledresources.com
Laurice Groth, Executive Assistant — lgroth@channeledresources.com

Liner Solutions

Marie Casillas, Liner Solutions Sales Manager — mcasillas@channeledresources.com
Sandy Briolat, Midwest/Southwest/Mexico Sales Representative — sbriolat@channeledresources.com
Gary Price, Sales & Industry Manager — gprice@channeledresources.com
Dawn Rubio, Sales Support — drubio@channeledresources.com
Rosellen Vitucci, Customer Service Manager — rvitucci@channeledresources.com
Joe Wichmanowski, Midwest/West Sales Representative — jwichmanowski@channeledresources.com

Pressure Sensitive Solutions

Marie Casillas, Pressure Sensitive Solutions Sales Manager — mcasillas@channeledresources.com
Dawn Rubio, Account Manager — drubio@channeledresources.com
Mario Salamanca, Industry Manager — msalamanca@channeledresources.com
Rosellen Vitucci, Account Manager & Customer Service Manager — rvitucci@channeledresources.com

GMC Coatings

Dan Hayes, Plant Manager — dhayes@channeledresources.com
Mai Lu, Administrative Manager — mlu@channeledresources.com
Joe Nowak, VP of Operations — jnowak@channeledresources.com
Marie Casillas, Sales Manager — mcasillas@channeledresources.com

Global Solutions – International Sales

Rich Hoffman, Vice President — rhoffman@channeledresources.com
Tim Isbell, Sales & Industry Manager — tisbell@channeledresources.com
Tony Loia, Sales — tony@channeledresources.com
Cecily Randall, Sales — crandall@channeledresources.com
Dave Robinson, Sales — drobinson@channeledresources.com
Paula Russell, Purchasing Coordinator — prussell@channeledresources.com

Sustainable Solutions

Dave Robinson, Director of Sustainable Solutions — drobinson@channeledresources.com

Recycling Solutions

Jim Loos, Recycling Solutions Manager — jloos@channeledresources.com

Contract Converting

Ray Ivaska, Production and Sales Manager — rivaska@channeledresources.com